SINN 500cc/Harmony 750cc

The low calorie natural liqueur

Available R.R.P. for 500cc. bottle €22
Gift Pack (one bottle of Sinn, including P&P) € 25
Case of 5 Bottles delivered €80

Sinn liqueur 16% alcohol content is extracted from fresh herbs
and sea plants using natural yeast maturing process

Sinn is the foremost natural liqueur in the EU.

is a creation to uplift the Celtic soul with happiness and bright conversation

Secret of Sinn - naturally good - organically pure ingredients -
always delightful - quality with passion
Subtle and seductive bouquet

is the ancient Gaelic word for 'us'

for special gatherings, wedding receptions, friends at the 19th or just 'taking a break'

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Many Ways To Enjoy Sinn
1. HOT ROBIN - 50/50 with hot water
One generous measure - 50cc of Sinn
Say Ahhh! and enjoy with pleasure
Sense the natural bouquet

In Summer best from the fridge
One generous measure 50cc of Sinn
A little ice - nothing more

3. COOL KID - Take It Easy - Take It Straight
Just pour and sip at Leisure