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(The Proven Amenity Sea Plant Products)

Sea plant products are effective and environmentally friendly

The effectiveness of organic sea plant products has to be reviewed in a sensible manner. Quality and consistency values must be independently appraised.

Basic manufacturing criteria
Simply stated it is as follows: -

  • Organic sea products must be manufactured from selected sea plant material (seaweed).
  • These materials must be stored in prime condition prior to processing (not left drying in the sun).
  • Processing must be designed not to damage the biological components of the sea plants with either excessive heat or damaging chemical treatments.
  • Use competent experienced people of integrity.

If the above manufacturing criteria are adhered to then, and only then, will the potency of the commercial product be reliable. Otherwise the effectiveness of the final turf care product will be greatly reduced.

Effective products
Products manufactured using the foregoing parameters can release to turf care the maximum biological benefit of natural plant hormones etc.
Plant hormone efficiency offers a fair index of the wider range of bio-benefits that can be imparted to green plants when sea plant extracts are used.
Bearing in mind that these bioactive factors are short-lived within the plant - three weeks approximately - routine low level application is the norm at high season.

Why use sea plant extracts
Sea plant extracts are good for turf care because: -

  • They induce better plant metabolism which is evidenced in better root development and healthier green tops plus improved resistance to infection and stress, etc.
  • Sea plant extracts are complex bioactivators that have been well proven to perform - A fine subject for a PhD. thesis if one wishes to examine the details.

Proven products

  • The bioactivity of AlGIFOL & NUTRIDIP have been well proven in the commercial field and in University trial programmes over many years.
  • These products can be applied to golf greens and will contribute greatly to invigorating good green health and may be co-applied to boost plant health with other chemical regimes.

The use of sea plant extracts
Inducing good healthy green grass complies with the human adage - 'feed a cold to starve a fever'. Extracts raise the immune levels of the plant.

Modern greens are highly stressed in order to achieve the required playing specifications and therefore they are very susceptible to a wide range of infections and infestations.

Application rates for mown grass areas
It is known that routine applications of ALGIFOL at 2 - 5 cc. per 10m2 at 3 - 4 weekly intervals will suppress nematode multiplication as well as assist with other stress related infections and physical problems (drought and mowing).

NUTRIDIP can be applied at 10 - 15 grms. per m2 at the time of thatch coring and will have a direct input on root development and therefore will improve the green herbage stress level.

ALGIFOL & NUTRIDIP are available in Ireland and the UK from: -

Harbour Road, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath.
Fax: 044 - 42643.
Mobile: 087 - 2452989

ALGIFOL is available in 12 x 1 litre box at €19 per litre, €228 per box
NUTRIDIP is available in 25kg. bags at €15 per kg.
Free delivery in Ireland & UK for orders over €250.