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Diet Supplement - Detox - Raise your Immune System
90 Capsules €36 including P&P
Less 25% Discount €27

Neomed Algae Capsules'Protect Your Health' - Restore Natural Vitality
Feel Better Look Better
Improve your body cells, skin and hair

Neomed is a complex, natural, organic sea plant extract which contains over 60 trace elements and health promoting factors. Does not contain chemicals.

How are you?
(a) Feel tired and exhausted from a stressful life?
(b) Work in a stressed atmosphere with smoke or multiple recycled air, as in pubs and airlines?
(c) Do you suffer from ill health: working with agri-chemicals, paint sprayers or heavy diesel vehicles? or chemical or radiation environment.

Neomed Capsules can put you on the steady, straightforward road to recovery, improve you vitality and lower stress levels.

Feel the difference after just 3-4 weeks
2 Capsules per day

Neomed Algae CapsulesNeomed Algae Capsules €36 (including p & p)
25% Discount Direct €27
Manufactured in Germany by Neomed
Irish and UK Distributors - Greenplan Limited
Beware of Imitations

*Available Mail Order Direct (€27 including P&P)