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Fertilan Waste Dispersal

Fertilan Process (PCT applied for) a three phase recycling programme

Fast Track NBS Control

  • A system with professional commercial and financial balance of interests
    Innovation By Greenplan
  • Transparent, Professional and Competent
  • An equitable waste solution with environmental control program

Closing the loop - 3 phases

Involved Parties
1. Waste Producers
Chick growers, poultry processors, other selected waste producers.

2 Recycling Waste Fertilan
Waste Processors Output
A. Movement
B. Management Control
C. Independent Monitoring

Greenplan Operation Strategy.
CDE Mechanical Engineers. (Turnkey)
Timoney Fehily Technical Consultants.
Project Managers.

3 Waste Utilization Traceability & Nutrient Management
Integrated management planning logistics control land spread farmer groups forest and amenity land managers soil remediation application.

The foregoing chart fairly sets out three broad areas of operation and responsibility that must be part of any waste recycling plan. In any Greenplan waste management plan each section will be represented in the central management of the project. The key to efficiency and environmental compliance will be operations planning, management and transparency.

The 13th Hour
Waste management control in Ireland is maturing in fast track mode.Why? Because it has to.
No longer can environmental legal obligations be a subject for:
A. Evasion (long fingering)
B. Dishonest waste disposal to undesignated destiny’s
C. Delivering unspecified but dangerous waste to unaware land users for land spread.

The reality is here. Greenplan and associated professional waste managers can deliver a transparent and professional end to end total solution for benign Irish waste. Hub processing compost units will have to be central to all regional planning operations and recycling including collection and final disposal.

Agri Waste Processing Destiny (Land Use)
Compost Processing Hubs
Start with benign high volume waste output. The agricultural industry generates benign waste all the year round. A number of industrial high profile waste process hubs will produce sanitised waste, free of heavy metals and other unacceptable elements for land spread.

Waste Charter for Landowners
Greenplan waste management control can deliver practical, environmental resolution of waste disposal solutions as generated and applied to agriculture in Ireland. Farmers and land operators need to have a waste acceptance charter backed up by independent spot monitoring.

Logistics and Traceability
Greenplan recognises the problems of volume, transport and seasonality as core issues. These require understanding of essential traceability and transparency at all stages. Greenplan operates the most advanced nutrient management and soil sample traceability package in Ireland using GIS & DGPS soil sampling and mapping systems (including nutrient layer maps).

Nutrient Monitoring - Giving Value to Waste
There are no easy solutions. No man, no farm, no industry, is an island in ’04. Co-ordinated integrated professional skills management, planning, advanced technology are the only way forward. Independent monitoring and nutrient management as a service given by Greenplan must be layered into any programme with full and open knowledge being given to farmers both as producers and users of recycled waste.

Agri Waste Generation and Recycling
Greenplan operates advanced monitoring technology and has the integrity and independence to do just that. Greenplan nutrient management programs when used by land owners will give added value and protection to land spreading processed waste recycling nutrients.

Greenplan Ltd.
Greenplan Ltd. has considerable experience in coordinating nutrient management and waste management problems in agricultural Ireland. Greenplan Ltd. has brought new skills to land nutrient management through the use of GPS and EMS land scan systems which are unique to Greenplan Ltd. in Ireland. These advance technology skills enable total assessment of nutrient inputs arising from the dispersal of any form of agricultural waste onto lands. Greenplan Ltd. has advanced development plans to use the Fertilan process to beneficially recycle as fertiliser considerable amounts of agri generated waste material otherwise causing hazards and financial problems in Ireland, these include;

  • Fly ash waste from generating stations.
  • Safe meat and bone meal.
  • Incineration is not necessary.

Greenplan Ltd. have filed a PCT world patent application for an advanced technical system. To manufacture fertilan this will greatly speed up the reality and effectiveness of commercial composting at high volume locations producing 20,000 tonnes per annum and upwards.

This PCT Fertilan Patent Application places Greenplan Ltd. in a unique position to fast track industrial compost making using a wide range of organic materials and waste calcium materials.
The Fertilan type of product from this compost system will have the advantage over and above conventional compost systems of having been better sanitised. In some circumstances it will operate a shorter cycle of production giving greater cost efficiency than any other existing composting system.

Greenplan Ltd. is now focused on working with compost operations suited to the particular needs of Ireland and UK for the conversion of organic waste material to a benign land spreadable product.

Greenplan Professional and Independent
Greenplan has high level credibility with farmer organisations and scientific institutions and commercial organisations relating to the activities indicated in this waste management programme agri science personnel own and control Greenplan Limited.

Greenplan Ltd. is seeking partners to utilise the Fertilan technology PCT process where it can be gainfully structured to the benefit of all concerned. The international expertise of CDE (NI) as a very successful engineering company and that of Timoney Fehily (Cork) as long established highly c redible environmental management technology resources provides reliable back up on which Greenplan can build successful waste disposal programmes that will be compliant and efficient as well as financially and technically realistic.

Signed Michael MacDonald
7th March 2004