Fertilan - crop Production and Amenity Care

Kyoto Friendly Carbon Negative

Helping the Environment.
New improved Organic Fertiliser and Soil Conditioner


Best in the Land
Slow release nutrients - Typical Analysis N-6%, P -5%, Ca -22%
Plus many significant trace elements including K, Mg, Mn, S
High Neutralising value over 25% Ph 11

Transformed Organic Ingredients
Fertiliser approved by Department of Agriculture, Dublin.


The Irish Organic Fertiliser and Soil Conditioner
Approved by D.A.F.
- rich in plant nutrients and with a high neutralising value.
- Fertilan Patent technology has been developed over 5 years and now available, a modern safe, organic fertiliser and soil conditioner.
- Manufactured using transformed Irish ingredients.
- Fertilan does not contain any dried animal faeces.
- Fertilan is derived from P.A.P. - processed animal proteins, selected and processed using high technology to give consistency, safety, and stability.
- All the best tradition of good organic fertiliser and soil conditioner.

Traditional Values -
Healthy crops and better shelf life produce
- Fertilan will supply useful nutrients for plants and regenerate clay structure.
- Over worked clay is restored and humus re-established
- Off sets damage done to the clay structure by the use of chemical applications for disease control and chemical nutrient supply.
- Fertilan increases the humus level in the soil. This greatly assists the soil nutrient uptake and water stability in times of low rain fall and maximum plant stress.
- Fertilan is a super quality, organic fertiliser and soil conditioner
- Fertilan assists clay structure and gives steady nutrient release to plants
- Fertilan is a non-pollutant source of nutrients
- Fertilan is fertiliser for crops as it should be.
- Protecting the environment.

Fertilan Compost Technology - Greenplan PCT Patent Program

This offers sophisticated benign agricultural waste use for better land remediation and nutrient management.
Greenplan PCT incorporates a unique composting systems and land nutrient management skills - improved sanitising and PH buffer - Core ingredients safe meat & bonemeal.

'Hot' Fly Ash & CAO units designed to cater for 20,000 tons per annum and upwards of agricultural waste material. Especially suited to disposing of MBM without incineration.
Greenplan offers technical support and is looking for partners to operate process.
Info available to interested parties.