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Future Life on Earth
(Innovate or die)

"There is no progress due to stubborn resistance to Innovation"
Edmund Burke (1790)

Every Little Helps (Greenplan.EU) - A Platform for Progress
Greenplan.EU offers 5 for our own environmental supports in the battle to give mankind in Ireland a better chance to manage his survival upon the earth - Ask yourself - what did you do 2002-2007

  1. To grow more healthy food crops - Proven biostimulants - Natural yield increase.
  2. Manage waste disposal better - Fertilan fertiliser - No MBM incineration
  3. Monitor environment management - GPS Soil Sampling to monitor sludge
  4. Create pleasant, natural, social drink products - Sinn 15% Alc.
  5. When under stress or growing old indulge in seaplant extracts to improve health. Create your own "wellness" factor on a daily basis, this fraction of commitment to nature could greatly improve the efficient absorption of vitamins, medicines, foods, etc. by the human race as well as by our associates the pigs, sheeps, ducks, cows and mules - Algen Capsules - at 72 - "I do (Well)" Michael MacDonald.

Greenplan Innovation 2002-2007 - With Limited resources we introduced new green technology at many levels